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Feb 10, 1998 (Aquarius)
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Formerly a Lion Fanboy but not as bad as a fanatic, I joined the Yuku LvT debate when I was introduced to it by Leofwin from youtube during a really long debate between me, him and the lion fan w0wyourbun with several tiger fans on the Animal Face-OFF video. Over the course I became less and less of a Bias oriented Lion Fan and began to accept neutrality. I went from Lion Fanboy to Average Lion Sider then Neutrality and now I'm at the "Equal" Panther Stance. I believe the two animals are chaotically/virtually equal and may have inconsistent chances of defeating the other in a fight. Left yuku for one year from Febuary 2013 to Febuary 2014 and I'm shocked to see various relatively cool posters become downgraded to childish hacks. And so many things have changed with many new faces (I Assume.) However I've been relatively more cool than the Hostile Lion Fan. I still love the Lion as I always did but my Mentality to Fairness and Criticism balances my closeted bias to the King of the Beasts. I'm overall professional in posts but I show signs of sarcastic remarks time to time and short sentences of emotion but be warned, I Can Be a Prick if I'm ticked off enough. Anti-Political Correctness, Affirmative action/Lefty here, I'm also a Paleontology, Prehistoric Fauna fan and I'm currently studying Stone Age Humans. Being Jewish (yeah fuck you bitch talk behind my back like everyone does with their protective PC screens) I'm enthusiastic about Mythology more specifically Pagan Gods. I'm currently studying Philippine Mythology which is hard since it's terribly documented compared to Greek Mythology. My favorite Carnivore is the Lion though if you dare denounce and mock the Tiger and stoop down to the level of WolverFag/Copters/Persona Abuser I'll fucking poison you ya son of a bitch. My Level of knowledge regarding animals is low but if you post something stupid and strange I won't fucking buy it. Don't like me? BAN ME YOU BITCH Bring in your Tiger/Lion fanatic parade and gang up on me! this is the internet. You think I'm the loser? You're the one who turned into an Anti-Social prick and is 20-50 years old arguing about teenage fan squabbles about endangered overrated animals. Go ahead bitch tell me that I'm only 16, least I'm permitted to being an idiotic teen (which I don't do btw.) Grown ass man.
Israel or Philippines
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Anti-Left and Right
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I'm enthusiastic about Fictional Characters (Create a lot), Debate against Atheist's, Theist's, Feminist's, Racist's, Anti-Semites, Liberals, Animal Fanboys etc through out sites from deviantart.com, youtube.com, religiousforums.org, yuku.com. I'm also found on fanfiction.net. I'm an amateur traditional artist since I'm not interested in buying a tablet. I'm interested in Culture, Religion, Paleontology (whether it be stone age, bronze age, mesozoic or even ice age.)

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